April 1, 2012   5 notes

Gay Marriage and More.

The reason why I support gay marriage has nothing to do with two people truly loving each other. Marriage was a social contract since the beginning of its institution. It was a method used to swear two different families into a monetary contract that would allow advantages to be taken when available. Today that has evolved, like everything, into, yes a swearing of endearment, but also a way to¬†exploit¬†tax breaks provided by the government for deciding to live in a single home and help with the monetary burden of child raising. That is legally what marriage is, a fucking tax break. That is why I support gay, straight, fertile, infertile, and transgender marriage. everyone should be entitle to a tax break. The government has no secular right to determine who can and cannot have access to these tax conditions. If the government feels it can tell the it’s people they can’t get married because they are gay, I also DEMAND that they start testing males and females before marriage for fertility and denying it to the infertile population as well. If our government dares to be hypocrites, I demand they be hypocrites to the fullest. Or I demand that they come forward and say that they deny gay marriage because God says so and America is run by the church. Here is my ultimatum: Come out as a religious institute, equally ban all forms of non-reproductive marriage, or truly grant equality to all who seek the tax conditions that marriage carries with it.