April 1, 2012   3 notes

5,000 years of confusion

I do not and never will understand that a religion, which is completely reliant on the accepting, forgiving doctrines of their deity, can claim the right to persecute, slaughter, maim, and oppress and conduct genocide against anyone who does not subscribe to their lines of thought. This is why I am an Atheist. If a god lets his slaves run around slaughtering others screaming his name in salvation that god must either be a complete disgusting hypocrite not worthy of my faith in him or an utter and complete invention of humanity to serve a purpose of oppression. In either case, I refuse to accept the subjugation of tyranny he allows. I am Atheist because when I thought long enough I realized the only way religion could exist, especially forgiving religions, is if said god or gods were constantly intervening in our petty meaningless lives keeping our sadistic existence in line with what he wants, or we would have been created that way in the first place. But I do not see Allah reigning down, bringing peace to the Islamic nations, and I do not see God landing in Jerusalem taking his time to preach directly to the people of the world, nor do I see Krishna sitting atop a mounting accepting prayers of the Hindus outright. No gods have made themselves apparent to anyone in the world besides those determined to lock themselves in caves for decades with barely any food or drink. If these few, who today we would call psychotic, are the only chosen ones than it becomes apparent to me that god is simply delusion, invented in caves by schizophrenics.